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Like the sun itself, nothing about utilizing energy has ever stood still, so as a company that has been designing and installing photovoltaic systems since 1991, Energy Concepts has never stood still either. The changes in technologies, designs, electrical and building codes, install methods, incentives and suppliers are all things you need to track in order to stay current, and to best serve your customers. On the other hand, you also need to properly review and test new things before recommending and installing them, or you might be spending more time later with could-have-been avoided service calls.

Energy Concept’s founder and general manager, Cary Lane, had a good start learning about testing things in the real world back when he was an engineering student at New Mexico State University. During that time he served as Assistant Engineer for the New Mexico Engineering Research Institute, EMS Division in Las Cruces. Their work revolved around setting up and monitoring early photovoltaic and solar thermal technologies. That was before solar became mainstream, and commercial development was just beginning with a lot of R&D and small production runs. The main applications were remote power and off-grid homes.

Since that time we have seen the burgeoning of solar technologies to the point that they are being used and recognized everywhere, and some may wonder “What now?” Well, there is still plenty of room for growing solar, but when you’ve been in an energy business like ours for many years, you always want to look ahead. As it turns out, a good deal of what’s next is actually pursuing opportunities that are here now, and that have been here for a long time: energy conservation and energy efficiency. These areas have always been worth exploring for home and business owners, but now the technologies associated with energy conservation and efficiency have become very dependable and cost effective, while energy costs have steadily risen.

So a decision was made earlier this year that Energy Concepts should expand its energy solutions “menu” to better serve its customers by adding energy conservation and efficiency services to the solar electric core of its offerings. This website is an important part of that plan, because education is an important first step in serving our customers throughout the state. Further steps in the way of blog entries and news items will allow us to continue the process, which we really look forward to. In the meantime, feel free to take some steps/clicks around our new site, and to contact us with any questions or comments.


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