Energy Security & Grid-Parallel Power for Your Business or Institution

Energy Security can mean several things, depending on the type of business or institution and the specific activities and operations involved. Minimally, energy security means that you will not lose power (or at least to critical loads and devices in your operation) if the utility grid suddenly goes down. How long the grid may go down, exactly what you need to keep running and for how long, are the main factors involved in determining the best energy security solution by Energy Concepts.

The simplest solution utilizes a battery bank and/or generator backup that can cut in almost instantly to provide continuous power to critical loads, such as:

  • Computers and servers
  • Communication and security systems
  • Sensitive machinery and devices
  • Devices that must be shut down properly
  • Health and environmental equipment

If the system is made to cover brief outages or small electrical loads, it may be enough to have an hour of
battery backup power. If longerEnergy Security & Grid-Parallel Power for Your Business or Institution 2 outages are anticipated, a backup generator may be called for as well.

It is also feasible to incorporate a solar electric power system to recharge back-up batteries, resulting in a grid-parallel energy security system that can spring into action when needed and operate indefinitely without grid power. Such a hybrid system can be designed to normally operate as grid-tied system to offset a portion of your electric bill, providing a return on investment while standing ready as your energy security system. Federal tax credits (30% of installed cost) and accelerated depreciation (5 year) would then apply to the entire project!

With over 20 years experience designing and installing all manner of off-grid power systems for residences, broadcast facilities, field testing equipment and other remote power applications, Energy Concepts has the knowledge and expertise to help assess your needs, find the right technology, and develop an appropriate, reliable, cost effective solution.