Off-Grid Solar

If you live off-the-beaten-path in New Mexico, you need off-grid solar that will provide all the power you need.

An off-grid electric system provides power independent of a utility. Such systems typically employ an array of photovoltaic (PV) solar panels to produce electricity from the sun, and a large battery bank to store it for whenever power is needed. Because solar modules make DC power and batteries store DC, an inverter is used to provide regular 120 or 240 volt AC power to the electric panel. A complete system can also use an AC generator fueled by propane or natural gas as a back up should there be unexpected loads or there is not enough sun to re-charge the battery bank.

Off-grid systems are typically designed with a battery bank large enough to meet the planned electrical loads for three days without solar recharging; enough to get through most storms. The solar array is sized large enough to completely recharge the battery bank on a daily basis. A backup generator fueled by propane is typically part of the total system, ensuring power in the event of more than a few days with no sun for, temporarily greater electric usage than the solar power system was sized for, or when the system needs servicing.



Off-Grid Solar Power & Energy Security for Home Owners