Battery Backup for Grid-tie Solar

Even if you live in a city with grid power, you want to be sure you will have power when you need it most. When the utility power goes out, regular grid-tied solar systems go out too. Adding batteries to your system will allow you to have power from your solar system even when the grid is out.


A grid-tie with battery electric system provides power independent of a utility when needed but uses the net-metering capability of the utility when it is there to minimize battery usage. You get the best of both worlds with a super efficient grid-tied system when the utility is available and an off-grid system when the utility goes out. Such systems typically employ an array of photovoltaic (PV) solar panels to produce electricity from the sun, and a battery bank that stays full and ready for use whenever the utility power is out.

Grid-tie with battery systems can be designed with a battery bank large enough to meet the planned electrical loads for several days like a typical off-grid system or just large enough to get you through the night with some essential loads. A backup generator fueled by propane can be part of the total system too, ensuring power in the event of a larger load than the batteries were designed for.

Battery types now include flooded lead acid, sealed AGMs, Lithium Ion, and Aqueous depending on the system requirements.  No matter the design, Energy Concepts has been installing battery based solar systems for over twenty-five years, in all sizes and degrees of complexity. These include residential and commercial systems for computer servers, agricultural pumping, remote power supplies, and communications towers. When it comes to solar with batteries, we have done it all.

30% federal tax credits can also be applied to your batteries if they are charged with solar power, which can help to make this a viable alternative to a generator. For customers that want the independence and security that comes with owning your own reliable power supply, Energy Concepts can provide a well-designed, professionally installed, reliable solution.