Ben Remmers at KFUN in Las Vegas, NM

Energy Concepts on the Air!

Education has always been key for our solar customers over the years, and the same is now true for those looking at our new solution for energy independence and savings. For that reason we are beginning a new series of workshops to help get the word out. Some of these are focused on business owners and managers, as businesses can be somewhat different than residences in terms of their best energy related opportunities.

This is due to the fact that lighting and air conditioning tend to account for most of their energy overhead, and not only because of the usage cost per kilowatt hour. Businesses also get hit with substantial electric demand charges that can account for 40 to 50% of each month’s bill! The good news is that we can reduce those charges by 20 to 40% with demand controls.

On the incentive side, the major utilities in our state offer energy efficiency programs for businesses to help make those lighting and other efficiency upgrades. These incentives can remove half the install cost through off-the-top rebates.

So why would electric utilities actually pay a business to reduce their electric usage? It turns out that electric utilities would rather maintain the existing demand on their power plants rather than having to build new ones, as the construction capital outlay is very large, with a long payback. The bottom line for business owners is that they can take advantage of the fact that utilities will “co-pay” their upgrades, making for a great ROI.

We have found that educating home and business owners about their energy options is a solid way to grow interest, and held our first business energy workshop in Santa Fe yesterday. We have two more workshops taking place in Las Vegas this Saturday and Las Cruces this coming Tuesday. You can read about them on our workshops page.

Education does require some marketing, and we have recently been using radio ads and interviews to help get the message out. These radio spots feature our own solar and energy specialist, Ben Remmers, who has the knowledge and the voice to make it happen. You can listen to some of these recent interviews over at KBAC, Radio Free Santa Fe:

Listen to Energy Specialist Ben Remmers Here!

Others coming soon from KFUN and KLVF radio out of Las Vegas.

Energy Concepts, ON THE AIR!