Grid-Tied Solar

From Las Vegas to Las Cruces, New Mexico is one of the best places in the country for residential solar.

A grid-tied solar power system is designed to connect with your utility grid to achieve an economic return by offsetting some portion of your electrical usage, and with some utilities it can also provide income through a solar incentive program. These systems employ an array of photovoltaic (PV) solar panels to produce electricity from the sun, and an inverter to provide regular AC power to your existing electrical panel.

When a solar power system is making electricity, it slows the billing meter or actually spins it backwards, leaving any usage not met by solar as the net amount billed by the utility. This is known as “net metering.” Major utilities in the state also provide income by tracking the solar-produced kilowatt-hours via a Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) meter, and paying you a fixed rate per kWh over the course of a multi-year contract. These two mechanisms save and make you money at the same time!

For energy security, a hybrid system operates just like a grid-tied solar power system when the grid is working, but if the grid fails it becomes grid-independent by using a battery bank to provide stored power. In this way we can ensure that certain necessary devices, such as computers, security systems, communications equipment or other “critical loads” are not unexpectedly shut down, thus avoiding data loss, equipment damage, and other problems. This “hybrid” approach will both fix your long-term energy costs and provide security, making for a great investment and peace of mind.

There is also a non-battery option, using an inverter made to deliver AC power if the grid goes down as long as the sun is shining. Back-up security can also be added to existing grid-tied systems!

Solar panels can be mounted on roofs, poles, or on ground-mounts, and can also be used to provide shade by incorporating them into solar pergolas, awnings, carports, animal shelters, etc. No matter the design, Energy Concepts has been installing off-grid solar systems for over twenty years, in all sizes and degrees of complexity. These include residential and commercial systems for homes, businesses, agricultural pumping, remote power supplies, and communications towers. When it comes to off-grid power, we can do it all.

30% federal tax credits can also be applied to your off-grid solar power installation, which can help to make this a viable alternative to hooking up to the grid when the cost of doing so is high. For homes that are too far from the grid altogether, or for customers who simply want the independence and security that comes with owning your own power supply, Energy Concepts can provide a well-designed, professionally installed, reliable solution.




Energy Concepts Solar looks at the property involved and prepares a plan of work with a timeline, cost and payment plan; and proceeds efficiently with that plan. They also answer questions and present options if need be. They work with the client.

— Karyl Lyne & Patrick Rucker