Werner Muller

Business Owner

Our family has had a relationship with Energy Concepts, Lisa and Cary Lane and their professional support staff for over 20 years. ECC has installed and maintained grid tied arrays on each of three homes on our ranch. The design , installation, and financial requirements for all three of these arrays was done with transparent, respectful, collaboration with our family. Over the past four years our total annual electric bill has never exceeded the maintenance cost of the Mora San Miguel electric Coop’s meters; in fact we have received credit for the power we returned to the Coop. The workmanship, care, and success of the ECC solar installations speaks for itself. The professional and personal respect and consideration by Cary, Lisa, Ben and their technical staff is unprecedented.

Xavie Sovis

ECC Solar saves the day! The dipole breaker that controls my X-240 auto transformer went down and after an extensive search online and over the phone I thought it was a bust. I stopped by ECC and asked if maybe they had a replacement and if so if I could buy it and save myself the trouble of driving to Santa Fe. The staff was more then helpful and provided me with the exact part I need at wholesale cost. I definitely recommend them to anyone in the area who may encounter similar issues or just interested in getting a solar power system designed or updated.

Mike Melton

Southwest Capital Bank, President

ECCSolar installed a PV system on our main building in 2009, a ninety five year old historic building. At the time, is was one of the largest PV arrays of its kind, in San Miguel County. To this day, we have not had any problems with the system, and ECC continues to provide the maintenance and service they agreed to almost 10 years ago. It is one of those systems that none of us think about until there is a disruption in electrical service. Very recently, the system performed exactly how it was designed. Mr. Lane and his crew visited the bank shortly after to verify the system did its job!

Jeannie Allen

Excellent, highly professional, and consistently reliable for 20 years. ECC Solar installed my system south of Black Lake, NM and has maintained it ever since. All staff are most helpful and friendly! I highly recommend this exemplary company.

Feldwebel Hahn

We hired them to fix the mess the previous owner left us. They gave us one awesome off grid setup, they worked really hard. They’re very professional workers that were kind. We would use them again!

Karyl Lyne & Patrick Rucker

Energy Concepts Solar looks at the property involved and prepares a plan of work with a timeline, cost and payment plan; and proceeds efficiently with that plan. They also answer questions and present options if need be. They work with the client.