Considering a System

How does Net Metering Work?

Net metering is a great option for homeowners with solar panels, as it allows them to export excess solar energy to the grid during the day and then use that energy at night. Essentially, the utility acts as a 100% efficient battery to store the excess solar energy for later use. This option is available […]

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Can I get Tax Incentives?

There are several tax Incentives available to homeowners who install solar panels. The largest is the federal tax credit, but they all add up to help the economics of the system.   The federal tax credit allows many people to take a credit of 26% of the total cost of the solar system. This is a “non-refundable”

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Why get a PV System?

When considering solar power, there are 3 main reasons people get photovoltaic systems: saving money on electricity, helping the environment, and becoming independent from the electric grid. Your priorities on each of these reasons will help determine what kind of system is best for your situation. If your goal is to save money on electricity,

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